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Newbridge Silverware

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Snowman on Skates Decoration Sale price€22,00
Snowman with Coloured Stones Sale price€15,00
SOUVENIR2 Celtic Cross Spoon Sale price€10,00
SOUVENIR3 Claddagh Spoon Sale price€10,00
SOUVENIR5 Shamrock Spoon Sale price€10,00
St Brigid's Cross small Sale price€25,00
Teddy Bear Tooth & Curl Set Sale price€35,00
Tower Clock Sale price€25,00
Triple Bangle Birthstone May Sale price€40,00
VGK138015 Grace Kelly Brooch Sale price€55,00
VGK138092 Grace Kelly Necklace Sale price€110,00
VGK310 Grace Kelly Necklace Sale price€180,00
VGK444 Grace Kelly Necklace Sale price€110,00
Whiteware 2 plate cake stand Sale price€20,00
Whiteware Cow Butterdish Sale price€20,00
Whiteware Cow Creamer 45ml Sale price€10,00
Whiteware Cow Milk Jug 140ml Sale price€15,00