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PÓG Spinning Ring

Sale price$42.83

The spinning kiss ring adds a little fun to your Póg. The double-sided Póg central charm can be worn up or in depending on your mood.

Wearing PÓG to the outside means you are unattached

Wearing PÓG inwards it means you are in love.

PÓG Spinning rings have been built with an extra solid spin, a playful mechanism that we built to help relieve and sooth anxiety of any kind. The spin acts as a sensory engagement to the wearer, and can bring a timely distraction and reminder to breath and centre yourself. It is a small but powerful, a positive reinforcement for our heightened moments.

Each ring comes in a biodegradable box.

Materials: All our products are built in brass with silver 925 and e-coating, which is an environmental protective layer we have added to our pieces to bring you long lasting fun and peace of mind.

Size: Double sided Póg Charm 9 mm.
Colour:Red - Large